Casella Manut.Service Srl, is able to design and build custom lifting systems to satisfy any customer need.
We also offer our maintenance service for any kind of lifting equipment, of our manufacture or others.

Our company is well established in Italy and abroad.

Certified ISO 9001 Company


Thanks to the recent certifications, Casella Manut.Service Srl has been assessed and found to be in compliance with the Standard ISO 9001:2015 applicable to design, construction, assembly, installation, maintenance, and revision of tower cranes, cranes, lifting systems and carbon steel structures and is able to act on any kind of construction carpentry work, because said certification attests the ability of a company to manufacture materials that meet all the quality standards requested for structural steel elements.

Maintenance and repair operations can be done on all the steel components.

CE marking for structural steelwork

UNI EN 1090 is a legal requirement since July 2014 for any organization who design and/or manufacture steel components (i.e. tracks, columns)

This certification is recognized worldwide.

It certifies that a company can manufacture materials in compliant with the regulations requirements of a third party.

In order to obtain this certification, it is required to have:

These certificates, released by a qualified commission, are the proof of the professionality of the welders and the operators. Thanks to the specific training that leads to obtain the certification, they acquire more theoretical and practical knwoledge for the process execution which is an important key for the quality of the final product.

The certification of the welders, together with a qualified welding process, provides an efficient and high quality product that satisfies the safety standards and gives the customer all documents to certify it.

Therefore, CASELLA MANUT.SERVICE SRL is certified to operate in this field in Europe, obtaining the necessary certification for the welder and for the entire welding process, and then the certification UNI EN 1090.

Our Story

Our company is based on the 30 years experience of Antonino Casella in tailor made manufacturing of standard and special gantry cranes, travel lifts, jib cranes, monorails, lifting winches and many others.

Our company has high profile customers who operate in many industrial fields, such as nautical, steel, mining, quarry, food, and paper mill.

Thanks to our highly qualified operators we can offer a fully customized product from design to installation on site.

In particular, Casella Manut.Service specializes in maintenance and service of lifting system and during the years has kept itself updated and in the forefront, becoming a well established and accredited company in Italy and abroad.

Our company goal is improving the lifting system manufacturing field, increasing and implementing the underhook market and providing the customer with a highly qualified maintenance and control service and also offering a wide spare parts service from our own warehouse.

We specialize in:

  • cranes and hoists sales;
  • litfing system design;
  • maintenance of lifting systems and what is related to underhooks;
  • inspection of cables, chains, fiber rods and underhooks.

Our Mission

Casella Manut.Service Srl has an ambitious development program of its activity abroad (EU and Extra EU), looking for new markets and the establishment of new productive and industrial synergies in order to create specific and high-quality products, with a particular eye on saving.

Our company’s goal is to implement other services relative to:

  • Manufacturing underhooks (slings and special equipment);
  • Patenting a new jib crane, standardizing the whole product line;
  • Manufacturing jib cranes in large-scale production;
  • Standardizing and developing Kit Cranes, especially in foreign markets (complete heads, with wheels and motorization);
  • Developing innovative marketing techniques for the maintenance of lifting systems;
  • Maintenance of lift installations and checking of cables;
  • Creating a custom software application to handle maintenance services.

CASELLA MANUT.SERVICE SRL is a company associated with Unione Industriale Torino
Company associated with Unione Industriale Torino



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