Best solution to integrate light loads moving systems indoors.

Jib Cranes can be column jib cranes or wall mounted jib cranes.

These kinds of lifting system are the best solution to integrate moving and lifting systems indoors, in places like warehouses or hangars.

This solution is recommended for lifting and handling light loads (between 125 kg and 2 tons).

The structure can be: profiled jib, tie-rod girder jib or cantilever according to the under-beam space.

The rotation can be 360 degrees.
The hoist can be fixed or can be equipped with a trolley, in order to have a larger range of action.

Column jib cranes have a foundation frame and a motorized or manually controlled arm.
Thanks to their reduced overall dimensions and easy installation, column jib cranes are the best solution to handle loads directly on site, within the arm range of action.
Column jib cranes can be divided into column jib cranes with motorized rotating arms or column jib cranes with manual rotating arms.

Wall mounted jib cranes are installed on an already existing structure (pillars, walls, machine bodies) through a bracket and tie system, moving loads rotating around an axis.
A pair of sheet steel plates, fixed to a wall or anchord to a pillar through rods or screws, holds and supports the manual rotation (0 – 270°) of the arm.
A trolley with a chain hoist can slide on the manual rotation arm.
Alternatively, they can be installed on tracks in order to increase the range of action.

Casella Manut.Service Srl is able to design all these kinds of equipment, according to the customer’s needs, through a specific design from our highly qualified team.

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