Load tests in order to estimate the reliability of the system and to comply with all the safety laws.

According to Art.71 del D.Lgs. 81/08, the employer has the responsability of checking the safety status of their lifting systems, in order to avoid dangerous situations.

The “Circolare ministeriale n.18 del 23 maggio 2013” highlights the importance of fully monitoring the reliability of the system, through load tests.

These load tests bring the system to an extreme point of use, allowing to check the endurance, the proper operation of the load limiters and to check the strain expected by the project.

Thus, a properly executed load test, using a load of the same or larger weight than the nominal rate of the equipment, ensures that it is still good to use.

This load test allows the employer to avoid fines due to failure to comply with the safety rules and for this reason it is strongly recommended to do it once a year as the law suggests.

Casella Manut.Service Srl is able to offer this service thanks to its highly qualified team.

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