Single Beam Crane

Lifting system for light to medium-heavy loads.

A single beam crane is a kind of lifting system that can be installed on boxed beams or commercial profiled tracks. Single beams cranes are generally used for light or medium-heavy weights. They are equipped with running heads for moving and sliding the crane, controlled by a hanging keypad or by ...

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Double Beam Crane

Lifting Systems for medium-heavy to heavy loads

Double beam cranes are made with a main structure with two boxed or commercial profiled beams and motorized running heads. Double beam cranes are generally used to handle medium-heavy to heavy loads. The lifting is done by a device that can be, according to the needs (load capacity, frequency and ...

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Lifting Frame, Gantry Crane, Gantry Lame Crane

Cranes designed and manufactured mainly for outdoors

LIFTING FRAMEThese are cranes designed and manufactured to be used outdoors and for head space need.They are made with horizontal beams built on vertical structural boxed or commercial profiled beams.They can also be used in the naval industry for medium to big boat beaching, and are coated with a s...

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Jib Cranes: Column Jib Crane and Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Best solution to integrate light loads moving systems indoors.

Jib Cranes can be column jib cranes or wall mounted jib cranes. These kinds of lifting system are the best solution to integrate moving and lifting systems indoors, in places like warehouses or hangars. This solution is recommended for lifting and handling light loads (between 125 kg and 2 tons). ...

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Lifting System for medium-light loads for production processing that requires moving on a two rail path

A monorail crane is a lifting system used for production processing that requires moving on a two rail path that can move up and down or left to right. Building a monorail is not expensive. This kind of system can move and handle medium-light loads and can be hung on already existing supporting st...

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Lifting Winches

Heavy loads handling

Lifting winches are used to move and handle heavy loads, using a motor/gearbox and cable. In lifting winches, the cable winding drum is controlled by an electric engine through an adapter that decreases the stress on the drum and increases the accuracy and carrying capacity. Lifting winches can be...

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Tracks and Columns

Tracks are horizontal structures equipped with rails on which the gantry crane slides.

Tracks are horizontal structures, usually boxed or commercial profiled beams, equipped with rails on which the gantry crane slides.They are installed using the already existing support of the building, or if this is not available, a special supporting structure can be built.Casella Manut.Service Srl...

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Hooks, Underhooks and Lifting Beams

For a secure grip of any object or component to handle.

Hooks are used for lifting heavy loads in order to ensure a secure grip of any object or component to handle.They are called gripping tools because they need to grip the load to handle.They are usually positioned at the end of cables and chains. In particular, they are used for lifting and handling ...

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Welded metal

Complete service of design, development and manufacture of welded metal.

Casella Manut.Service Srl offers a complete service of design, development and manufacture of welded metal, thanks to years of experience and competence of its employees. Some examples:- Foundation cages for pillars and plinths; - leaning or hanging monorails; - supporting structures (column, tra...

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