Custom made design according to our customer’s need, for moving and handling light and heavy loads

Casella Manut.Service Srl offers custom made design according to the customer’s need, to manufacture equipment and accessories for moving and handling light and heavy loads.

Where it is not possible to use standard products because they could not be easily adjustable to every kind of use, Casella Manut.Service Srl, thanks to its highly qualified team, can help you satisfy all your needs giving the customer the possibility of designing and manufacturing, with a specific case study, a custom made product to be used in the host structure.

In the photo gallery it is possible to look at an example of a project specially made to satisfy the customer’s need. This device for horizontal towing has been designed with berths and telescopic support bases in order to operate on a wide range of structures.

Casella Manut.Service Srl is available to design for you a custom made project according to your needs, always compliant with the safety laws.

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