Heavy loads handling

Lifting winches are used to move and handle heavy loads, using a motor/gearbox and cable.

In lifting winches, the cable winding drum is controlled by an electric engine through an adapter that decreases the stress on the drum and increases the accuracy and carrying capacity.

Lifting winches can be different according to carrying capacity, handling speed and frequency of use.

Lifting winches feature a slow movement that allows a precise placement of heavy loads during their handling.

The lifting winches bearing structure is built with arc-welded sheet metal, pipes and profiles, dimensioned according to the kind of service for which it will be used.

Lifting winches can work with total loads, adjusted by a control unit allowing to move a larger load.

After assembly, the structure will be finished with machine tools and all the necessary support plans.

Casella Manut.Service Srl is able to design and manufacture all these kinds of equipment, according to the customer’s needs, through a specific design from our highly qualified team.

Our company provides, upon customer’s request, service of all kinds of equipment of our own manufacture or others.

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