Cranes designed and manufactured mainly for outdoors

These are cranes designed and manufactured to be used outdoors and for head space need.
They are made with horizontal beams built on vertical structural boxed or commercial profiled beams.
They can also be used in the naval industry for medium to big boat beaching, and are coated with a special painting suitable for marine environments.
The sliding is controlled by motor groups at the base of the vertical beams and occurs on rails on the ground.
According to load capacity and frequency of use, you can choose between a hoist or a cable winch as lifting system.

Gantry cranes can have different carrying capacities and size according to the customer’s need.
Our gantry cranes are designed and manufactured in different kind of structure, in order to use all the available space. Therefore they are built with or without cantilevered structure.

Gantry lame cranes are gantry cranes that can use already existing supports for sliding at altitude and rails for sliding on the ground.
They can be customized with:
• Double hoist or winch;
• Hanging button panel or remote control;
• Service gangway.

Casella Manut.Service Srl is able to design all these kinds of equipment, according to the customer’s needs, through a specific design from our highly qualified team.

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