Lifting System for medium-light loads for production processing that requires moving on a two rail path

A monorail crane is a lifting system used for production processing that requires moving on a two rail path that can move up and down or left to right.

Building a monorail is not expensive.

This kind of system can move and handle medium-light loads and can be hung on already existing supporting structures. In case existing structures are not available it is necessary to design a supporting structure to support the system.

It is particularly indicated in assembly lines where all the positions are fixed and predetermined because a monorail can cover all the length of the assembly line, whereas the jib crane is limited to its range of action.

In our photo gallery it is possible to take a look at an example of this system, installed on a portal structure designed by Casella Manut.Service Srl to adapt the system to the customer’s specific needs.
This structure was designed by our expert and highly qualified team.

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