Assembly of any kind of lifting systems: from pillars, to tracks, to gantry cranes

Casella Manut.Service Srl, in addition to designing, manufacturing and servicing, offers a service of assembly lifting system of any kind: from pillars, to tracks, to gantry cranes, etc.

We have a fleet of internal combustion means (i.e. truck cranes) and electric means (of low pollution level), that allows us to satisfy a broad range of assembly needs requested by the customer, combining efficiency and experience in every service done.

Casella Manut.Service Srl can offer assembly of the lifting system in any space, from indoors to outdoors, to marine environments, etc...

Every system is tested both in our building for general operating tests and in the customer’s building before being put into operation. The assembly service, in this way, is done in maximun safety and compliant with the safety laws.

Casella Manut.Service Srl offers assembly service also for systems built by other companies, and moving and disposal of gantry cranes.

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