Lifting system for light to medium-heavy loads.

A single beam crane is a kind of lifting system that can be installed on boxed beams or commercial profiled tracks.

Single beams cranes are generally used for light or medium-heavy weights.

They are equipped with running heads for moving and sliding the crane, controlled by a hanging keypad or by a remote.

Single beam cranes have a riduced size and are perfect where the space in the production area is very limited.

The lifting is done by a motorized electric hoist, with a cable or a chain, sliding on the bottom lintel of the beam.

For special applications, single beam cranes can be hung from already existing or custom made metal structures.

They can be customized with:
- Two lifting units for special loads handling;
- Reduced size trolleys;
- Remote control.

Casella Manut.Service Srl can design these kinds of appliances according to customer’s needs, through our highly specialized team.

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